Corporate Governance




Corporate governance is a framework that defines the rights and obligations of the various stakeholders in the organization. Through this service, we try to improve management performance, promote internal control and identify the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. At Masar Alryadah, we have the experience to help you manage the work of your organization, including defining the governance model, implementing methodologies and standards, and successfully managing organizational changes that are of value to your organization.

Masar Alryadah Consulting helps you to achieve

Organizational evaluation

  • evaluation
  • Observations
  • Comparative analysis
  • recommendations
  • Quick wins
  1. Comprehensive observation report that identifies the current strengths and weaknesses of your organization.
  2. Benchmark the organization's capacity with others in the sector and industry.
  3. Comprehensive recommendation report that eliminates causes and cuts costs
  4. Transformation plans and improvement initiatives

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